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How we grow

Rather than striving to survive in the competitive, ever-changing online industry, we're working on improving product development and service by enhancing 'management in customer happiness', which prioritizes our customers.


All right, All healthy


J&J International Co., Ltd. is a total health-related online commerce that develops diverse health-related products and hopes that many customers will be able to fulfill a healthier life, believing that good posture and good sleep are the foundations of good health.


We are steadily growing, hoping to become the "No. 1 online platform" with D2C Marketing (Direct to Customer) providing health-related services based on a comprehensive understanding of the market and the customers.



This is how we operate.

1. Be grateful and optimistic


We make an effort to express gratitude towards our customers and co-workers.

We respect each other and behave with basic courtesy

We take everything in stride and conduce positive influences on others.

2. Keep dreaming, challenging, and learning


We do not fear challenges or learning, and we always strive to be better than who we were yesterday.

We put our all into everything we do, do not remain in the same position, and never stop dreaming of new goals.

3. Take initiative and be responsible


We act on our own initiative, regardless of how small or insignificant the task may be.

We resolve to achieve personal and organizational target goals responsibly from beginning to end.


Dr. Baremi

Good posture, Good habits


Even patients who thought their treatment at the hospital was over, also return after a few weeks due to reoccurring.

Recurring issues require treatments for ultimate solutions, but it is also essential to properly keep your body position upright in your daily routine.

We needed to encourage the development of a comfortable product while at the same time also properly improving good posture.

We've put a lot of effort into product research and development throughout the course of our 20 years of clinical experience.

We've designed and calculated a large number of products and evaluated an immense number of samples.

Passing over a long period of time, products with special attachments were invented.

Dr. Seokkwan Oh / Developer

Graduated from Seoul National University School of Medicine / Specialist in Neurosurgery


Our Culture

1. Horizontal company culture


We speak up and share our ideas freely without hesitating and omitted the complicated approval process.


2. Free dress code


No makeup is welcomed! Unless there is a social concern, any style is OK!

3 No walking on eggshells


Company culture without having to notify when leaving the office

We get off work freely without having to walk on eggshells.


4. Free staff get-together-after-work culture


We do not pressure on participating in unnecessary staff dinners after work.

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